Monday, April 14, 2003

sunday kind of love

woke up to the sounds of avant garde drums + sax. i'd like to write a review like james. . i let the man do his thing. i'm still finding my way through the sounds. i like to check out miss nakachi's heavy rotation. see what she's listening.

the sun was streaming through the curtain blinds.i've never been one to like curtains. big. expansive windows. now thats more like it.spring is here. wore on of those african outfits and shoes to match. the shoes hurt like hell. my roomate laughed at me. the shoes are kinda high. in my opinion. they have a heel. i wear sneakers and sandals that i bought from here . what i wore yesterday were kinda cute sandal heel shoes. never again. the shoes i mean. there is a kikuyu saying which loosely translated s/he who likes beauty does not squirm in pain.

if i had my way, id be always dressed in this. that would mean though that my uneven halo of golden blond afro would be gone. i'm digging it. i never thought i'd say this. especially since i've been baldy for many years. must be my feminine sensibilities percolating slowly. who knows. (smile)

watched the movie plantoon over the weekend. saddened me a great deal. i didnt know much about the vietnam war. the much i knew was through the tv show china beach. i like oliver stone movies. i watched jfk like many times. been struggling with whether grad school is something i really really want to do. this article stirs in more fuel. + i read this on sunday. i think i should consiously look for lighter reading material.

so with the sun. the shoes and dress (felt like i was back home). a good night sleep and loving conversations with my significant other(s). it is well with my soul. though i dont know wasup with the archives on blogger . disappears on + off . does it happen to you also?

so, how are things with you?


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