Friday, April 11, 2003

blogging for peace

journal entry monday, 11th. 2002
(six months after sept.11th)

it is demanded of us as children of god and manifestations of that which is divine,purposelead and committed, to find new and creative ways of speaking of love. of that which is richely and so immensely innate in us yet shelved under conscpicious + often disparaging manifestations of that which is not.

love demands that we embrace it. in whatever form or vessel it presents to us. to me. yet unfortunately as it were, i/we are propelled to oozle + gaggle at things and objects that are aesthetically appealing. that are drapped in richely configured fabrics..yet hollow in the inside.

what does it take, or rather at what shape of the spirit do i/we/us neeed to be in, inorder to fortify ourselves from the backlash of desiring love. does it take years of disappointment + naivety to still believe, that yes, love does conquer all.

love is never spoken enough. never meditated upon or contemplated about. but we fight in the name of love. or is it love, or rather as it were, insecurities of self doubt camouflaged in love gear.

it dawns to me, that as we love, so shall we be free. + i have felt more strongly now with the recent events, that love demands i find personal + collective + creative ways to speak and act in and of love. to affirm under the tutelage of love. + to slowly re-connect back to the divine.

the modalities of this, are still unclear, yet, oh yet, it feels it is of utmost importance to acquire a renewel sense of what personally love is + the courage to seek it in all its forms.


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