Friday, April 04, 2003

Upendo ni johari
(love is a jewel)

today. i realised how magical it is. the resting place of my ancestors. there has been moments of recognition. flashlights crossing through my mind as the hair on my neck rises with recognition. not like today though. today i realised how encompassing it is. this place i was birthed into coming. nyarobe. it was called then. as the iron snake crossed through the plains leaving tangible footprints the place of cool waters. where my soul has delighted in. basked in its touch. swam in its waters. & my limps stretch and stretch. my hands stretch and stretch..intertwining...elongating....


a place where my eyes have seen one of the most fascinating adventures of nature

where histories are as complex. intriguing. revolutuonary & cosmopolitan as any place in the world

this is the jewel of my heart.


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