Sunday, March 13, 2005

The meme

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better late than never. thanks mama nani.

1.Best RnB song? You Rock My World & Will you be there

2.Best pop song? Beat it

3.Best Rock song? Black or White

4.Best Album? Invincible

5.Best Dance Video? Smooth Criminal

6.Underrated album? Off the Wall

7.Underrated collaboration?

8.Overrated collaboration?Aii can't think of one

9.Best sound..The one fanyad by Chris Rock

10.what about MJ u’ll never forget? He is such a genius

11.Do u think he is guilty or innocent? Innocent, until proven guilty

12. Did u like him better black? blacker, then less black, white & finally transparent..shush doesn't matter

13.MJ song that you cant stand?Shush can't think of one at the moment

14.If he was to come perform in a stadium near you, would you;a) lie that youwould not attend?b) attend?c) only attend cause u were forced to
Attend..take them on the blog and talk about it to everyone!!

15. Do you think MJ is a freak or misunderstood? Misunderstood

16.Are those kids fruits of his occassionally grabbed loins? HEHEHEHE


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