Thursday, February 17, 2005

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if you are anything like me, wearing a good bra would be as puzzling as nuclear science. i admit, it is all so greek to me..i mean, yes, i know my size, well, the last time i measured was 36B/C can't even remember which exactly ..and for the past year or so, i've shed considerable weight on my hips & so quite naturally, on my breasts too..but still...

so today, there was a show on oprah, on what not to wear & how one can lose 10 pounds (visually) by wearing clothes that go with your curves instead of hiding yourself among layers upon layers of clothes..

im guilty as charged.

i like seeing women dressed well, its sexy & allures a certain confidence. to translate that to me..aha, now thats another thing.i really don't know what happened to me. or what has yet to happen. '

there was a time, i went through a cross dressing retro, i felt it was a way of wearing in control at a time when i felt very powerless. there was also my butch phase. not knowing how to identify myself, the butch/feminine persona allowed fludity in terms of identity..think of it as being adrogenous..

its awhole load of unlearning process. being female, for a long time, translated to being vulnerable. & i didn't want to feel or become like that..

so i'm planning on visiting victoria secrets or some boutique or another, and get some help here..hehehe this is going to be fun

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