Friday, February 11, 2005

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you are beautiful
even when you quizz your eyebrows
and rather confused
as i whisper
how beautiful you are
perhaps it confuses
this yearning
as we dance the tango
we feel inside

you are beautiful
let me explain why

clasping my face in your palm
i feel held
i feel contained
i feel submerged
into coloures
i no longer feel drowned

you are beautiful
let me explain how

see i've smothered under
looking for that sunlight
that burns not scorches
following shadows
bearing emptiness
behind smiles
& when i turned
one evening of meaningless pursuits
i saw your form
i stopped
could no search
no longer
not when in front
laid a jewel
of elegance stature

you are beautiful
let me explain when

happy smiling
or a bit bewildered
not knowing when to ask
or how
or as i ask
with not so coy intentions..
can i..
you answer with a shudder
& landscapes of aroused intentions

you are beautiful
let me explain what is

because u reach inside yourself
& unfold
layering sweetness
of sweet plantains
quivering thighs
welcome me
i feel no longer a stranger
kindred now

you are beautiful
the hows
the whens
the hows
the why

because you
simply are beautiful


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