Sunday, April 27, 2003

conversation in many parts..or whose blacker than who
(for brother mike)

~in progress~

it said..twins birth..can recognize each each bears similiar..head of nappy hair..twenty something set of teeth..finger nails..deeply trenched calloused hands..pinky toes..inhale just the same..gasping for air with same intensity..some even say..share vivid technocoloured dreams..vibrantantly shared through ambilical see one you've seen the other..groove thing gyrating hearts beating symmetrically..separated by ocean of dreams deferred..piercing echoes of R-E-S-P-E-C-T + U.H.U.R.U NA KAZI..chained by MISappRoPriaton of language except grunts.whipchains.piercing flesh. ghetto fabulous.revolution will not be televised except if you have cable... would you like a pair of nike bro!..holla ya'll..sagging souls..castrated manhoods..tatooed with ambivelence as frightened boys be-come wanaume of unconsiderable means as others dream of paved roads of golden opportunity wearing macdonald aprons sweating for elusivness and home in the country with ayahs/houseboys/watchmen/mbwa kali/fierce dog residing.lesos of ancient nile..cloths covering multitude of prodical sins stiffling thai thai - ngai.jehova lord provides to that which we still unclear dig.


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