Tuesday, June 10, 2003

driving miss nehanda

did i tell you, i'm learning how to drive. it is such a hilarious sight. imagine, i seated at the drivers seat. hands tightly holding the steering wheel with my dear life. upper lip quivering with riverlets of sweat and anxiety. my eyes fixed on the sea of gravel and asphat. i am armed to the teeth with the possibilities of flight yet, i can barely cast my eyes elsewhere.

nowadays, i am deeply comforted by the dewdrop of early morning wonder and his words. as a child of barely nine years, i awoke to the clarion call of justice, liberty and pursuit of happiness. this was a time of deep turmoil in my country. and now, over a decade later, the reassurance to press on, the desire to pursue love irrespective of the wars, poverty, hunger and perils all around the world. yes, i dare to dream that everyone should have three meals a day. shelter and clothing. an education that glorifies the achievement of man-kind. the divinity of love.

the last couple of months have cast a heaviness of the heart. with the war in afghanistan and iraq. it has seemed that every place was tinkering with oblivious despair america has always servered as an epitome of life. liberty. pursuit of happiness. ask any immigrant erking a living in the streets of this country. what dreams cast a web of enchantment as he lay literally sold the belongs to come here. america offers the palate of freedom, yet, at the same strike such sadness.

with the same twist, i've been reflecting on the nature of love in romantic liasons. reading through cassandra's post i thought of how fickle i can get. and oh, so bored sometimes. granted i roll my eyes with the mere idea of long courtships. whats the point of prolonging the inevitable. the realization that one never really knows someone unless both are open to the possibility of this unfolding. but then that would explain my eh..(cough cough ) longevity in relationships.


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