Wednesday, June 04, 2003

a recent email entry

About five years ago, after searching, hydrated, worn

out. infuriated. hurt. scathed. burnt. jadded.

silenced on the notion of what love is.

i was seated at the foot of this love child. a man-child

really.not yet a man. not yet hardened by arrows of

masculinity. tender. with the softness of gentle

beating heart. kind. considerate.

as a child would be.

it was a brief seating.

and i agonized when it was no more.

and i made a committment then to engage in passion.

(passion noun: a : ardent affection)

to be dipped into the well.

this caldron of massive and deep colours.

to lay satiated.

satisfied with the knowledge i am love.

to explore divinity in its fashions.

if this was love, i whispered to myself in the dark

laying on a pillow drenched in tears.

i desired it.

i have been tested on this choice i took.

in ways, that are painful. unbelievable. incredible

and beautiful.

i have layed in corners of sadness.

been intimate with violence in despicable and

agonizing ways.

i have tasted the elixir of love.

fashioned by glanzing at the eyes of my twin flame

and seeing god in him.

i have sighed in post coital bliss.

perfumed in ways that only two bodies

two souls can come together.

i have loved a woman.

and i have cried.

i become intimate with the fumes of purgatory.


we become stronger as we become more committed to love

(strength noun : degree of potency of effect or of

concentration b : intensity of light, color, sound,

or odor c : vigor of expression

i too celebrate your life.


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