Thursday, May 01, 2003

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commercial break of sorts..
my friend nakachi sent me this over the weekend. reminds me of the swahili proverb, umoja ni nguvu, unity is strength.

Peace and blessings,

I'm sending this note to my blog homies. You're the people I've come to enjoy and appreciate in this roughly defined community of ours and it's in your virtual midst that I feel most comfortable. I have a request and I'm hoping you take up the call and carry it on your own blogs as well.Amanda aka starmama needs $800 for a car. Since her's broke down she spends damn near all day on buses taking her son, Jayden, back and forth to school. Some of you know she's been evicted from her apartment and has to be out by June 1. Here's the rub: she doesn't have time to pack because she's riding the bus all day and has a child to rear. I'm asking folks to donate via the paypal link on her website. Please give whatever you can to help raise the $800 for her by the 15th (5/15/03). Additionally, I believe it would help immensely if all of us dedicated a post on our blogs to the cause, directing folks to Amanda's
site to make donations of their own.

I am of the persuasion that we can use our virtual connections to affect real change. I believe in the humanness of the web and the ability of these human connections to unearth humanity in the real world. I'm just optimistic that way. I believe we can do this. Please help me to help somebody else. Thank you.

Peace and elevation,


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