Tuesday, March 11, 2003

tender is the night

i have began eating bread again. not one dandy slice, but chunks and chucks of sweltering layers of strawberry jam and butter sandwiches.

as a prepubscent girl woman, bread was my comfort food. i'd make myself a midnight snack of four slices of white bread, a cup of hot, drinking chocolate, cuddle with a book, with midnight love music crooning in the background and i'd eat.

fast forward to many years later and i'm back again with a vengence only this time, i'm miles away from my little space of heavenly bliss, hopefully, i kid myself sometimes, wiser but with the the same longings as a young woman, unsure somewhat of her place in the world.

this weekend, the sky burst open and we were basking in glorious sunlight. el sol blessed us with abundance of light to beat away the ghastly sleet that had cast an ubiquitious sense of cold. i was deliriously happy on friday. i finally, finally, finally..got to listen to the whole track of this delightful tune take 6 there used to be this blk&white ad that played on television eons ago. and there was a clarinet solo that was catchy and resonated a certain panache.

it has always stayed logged some where in the celebral mausoleum and when i woke up on friday, thats all i thought and viola, i found it in my home away from home, safely tucked between the other side of the tracks and kroger store.

is the universe expansive or what.


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