Tuesday, February 25, 2003

many hours later..
the adventures of pooky bun.
you should have seen us. b, my self and Beloved (with a capital B) gliding through the horrendous sleet in some un-godly hour (two am thank you very much), like the last notes on Tchaikovsky's swan lake suite.my heart was in my mouth. literally with images of me freezing to death flashing through my head. not pretty. & then, i kept on casting scared looks at b while he was driving. you know those looks your momma would throw to you as you stuffed yourself with cookies when vistors come to visit.

but, i couldn't help myself but grin gleefully. the road though dangerous was carpeted by this pristine, virgin-like, white halo substance & in my equa-tropical african eyes, i was like wow did you see that. of course, there can never miss the punk ass drivers strudding their stuff in slipper roads. i don't get this overtly masculine urge to show their 'stuff' on slippery road i might add.anyways, you should have seen Beloved. Quite the befiting name i may add. she gently navigated us to our respective, warm, hearths of blankets, heaters and mugs of herbal tea. (sigh) .


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