Wednesday, September 10, 2003

don't you just love juicy, most reddest and succulent plums? nowadays, i like to munch several of them during my work schedule. sort of a pressure and pleasure release. i provide tech support for dsl customers. and for the most part especially in the recent days, i feel most of the customers as being whinny. and it really is getting to my nerves.

i recognize that the people and situations that we met act as mirrors to show the parts within ourselves that need to be worked on. why adults seriously aggrivate me, i dont know.

there are some customers that make me laugh. today, i had one who said he liked how i sounded on the phone. i did the subtle flirtarious giggle. it was unexpected. him saying this. and it felt nice. i felt appreciated. i am grateful that i can earn a living. i have worked for years in situations where even erking daily bread was rather futile. being where i am now provides me with a situation where my labour, even though it is not my bliss, offers the opportunity for me to feel valuable and validated. there are those days, and there are many of them when each day is as laborious as the next. dealing with people's small mindedness as to accents and questions as to where i'm speaking english or not. and feeling very, very alone in a sea of whiteness. this has made me cower in my work station and read my book or listen to my music. i have been here for a year and i am very warmed by the kindness of strangers. several of my collegues have been kind and music makes such strange bedfellows.

read about her [ user id: kiparangoto pwd: muthoni ] the other day, can't wait to read her book. i have several book + movie reviews churning in my head right now. i just need to write it down.

i now reside in a room of my own. very virgina woolfish. its in a relatively quiet neighbourhood, overflowing with trees and labyrinths of green carpeted grass. my space has a fireplace, a huge balcony, window in the kitchen and wooden floors at certain sections of the apartment. oh.. lets not forget, the huge bathtub. i wish i'd do a japanese/indian theme to the bedroom. maybe even get a bedspread like this . isn't it the coolest. i'm just glad and very blessed that i have a place, my own place to rest my spirit and weave dreams.

and, in the spirit of weaving, i began a intro. to playwriting class. why lie. now thats an entry of itself. this is my first time i'm actually thoroughly engaged in a creative something or another. we'll see how it goes. i haven't had a chance or opportunity to read emails or blog because i'm without internet accesss. soon yinka.

i have quite a bit to say, but need to get back to work. so, how are you?


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