Monday, May 30, 2005

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i don't think we have so arranged life that a man may have a house, a family, love, companionship, domesticity, and fatherhood..we have so arranged life on the other hand, so that a woman must 'choose' ; she must either live alone, unloved, uncompanioned, uncared for..or give up world service for the joys of love, motherhood and domestic service...a broader reordering might ensure that women are no longer forced to make these difficult choices. charlotte perkins gilman

my lover is rather baffled that the idea of motherhood stresses me . i inhabit a place where i'm comfortable making love without exhibiting out of body tendancies..i even allow myself the once in a while indulgence of imagining a child growing in me.

its not motherhood as an institution that terrfies me...its the being a mother to someone that causes oh, i dont know stress unimaginable! i have several friends who are mothers & they express an unastonishingly amount of enthusiasim and pride about being mothers of some child or another.

i wonder what i'd become, once i become one. im not talking physically, with my body and what have you. it's my time. as it is, i hardly have any time to myself..i work a ridiculous night schedule..i have no time to seat and watch the sunset & this pisses me like mad.

my first priority is to maintain a level of sane-ness in an ever plundering mad world. there is a certain vulnerability and fierceness that comes with being with child. for those six weeks, i experienced an amazing level of tenderness & major pissiness to the world.

i want to create. i want to spend crazy amounts of time with myself made company with whatever is churning in my mind. i dont want to feel tied to a matter of life or death i selfish, perhaps..

this could be a mad woman's rumbling in the middle of the night! it's a stage, it will pass he says. our bodies glistering with shed sweat and mingled afterglow. as he trails his hand around my ambilical cord. what if it isn't.


At July 06, 2005 2:03 AM , Blogger olivia said...

The comments should be working now! Sorry it took so long.


At July 11, 2005 4:21 PM , Blogger john kamau said...

I have caught up with you! Cheers
John kamau

At July 23, 2005 2:06 PM , Blogger The Nappyheaded Pensieve said...

i am so feeling this post and understand TOTALLY what you mean :o)

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