Friday, January 02, 2004

mwili ni mauwa. ~ the body is a flower~

and what a gift of wisdom it is. two thousand and three was a whirlpool year for me. i have been challenged to think different. faith as the belief in things you cannot see. faith, as a child was never an abstact. it was as real as my mother or father. the sun shinning. the birds chirping and sunday school.

i often wonder when faith took a back seat and disbelief set in.

two thousand and three nudged me to desire faith again. to long for its coming and thirst for it like the return of the beloved. when faith arrives, as it always does when beckonned. i wrapped it close to the body and gently caressed the stripes of red, blue and white. like the maasai blanket drapped on the comfy sofa.

with faith, i began to write again. my friend soul had whispered to me about this space she had. where she removed her shoes, wore the old, familiar pair of socks and made a cup of tea and exhaled. she spoke of it as her home away from home.

i remembered my home. i wanted my home.

thank you for making this a home.

faith lead me to folks like me. a sista-mama whose words caressed the soul. a philosopher queen with a home in the north. funky mama writers, a teacher with alot of spunk! and, a sista from the borders.

mwili ni mauwa. the body is a flower is perhaps the greatest lesson of it all. the body truly isn't mine and as much as i'd love to hold it tight and shoo all the yucky things. i really can't. i can't prevent the stretchies or the cellulite. i can eat healthily though and stay away, at least a tinny bit away from chocolate. i can stretch it as much as i can and thereafter caress it with EO products (until that time i will make my own). i can do all the great things bodies take you too, but, i decide no more shall i get overly attached to it.

i had looked forward to celebrating kwanza and hannukah. didn't quite work out as i thought it would. instead, it flowered into something else.


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